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Calming Chakra Crystals: 5G and EMF Shield for Pets under 30 Pounds

Calming Chakra Crystals: 5G and EMF Shield for Pets under 30 Pounds

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Keep your small pets safe from the potential harm of 5G and EMF radiation with our Calming Dog Charms. Tailored for cats and dogs under 30 pounds, these energy stones incorporate Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Orgonite, and Secret Synergy Stones' proprietary crystal blend for maximum EMF protection.

Enhanced Health: Protection from EMF and 5G improves overall well-being.

Stronger Immunity: Boosts immune system against potential health threats.

Reduced Stress: Calms the body and enhances mental focus.

In our modern society, electromagnetic fields are ubiquitous, making these charms a valuable addition to your pet's life. Besides safeguarding against EMFs, these charms offer additional benefits, including alleviating anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain.

The Secret Synergy Stone pendants connect with Earth's energy, emitting negative ions, enhancing circulation, and supporting overall well-being. Your pets will experience improved mental focus and a more balanced life. Strengthen their natural defenses and enhance their health with the extraordinary power of Secret Synergy Stones.

All items are handmade using real stones. Weight;  size; shape & color may vary. Your selected choice is one-of-a-kind piece created lovingly with positive energy.



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