Collection: Cat's with Attitude Collection

Flaunt Freaky, Funky, and Far-out Felines

Embrace your wild side with our captivating collection of cat-themed shirts, each design a purr-fect blend of freaky, funky, and far-out style. From the mischievous to the marvelous, our shirts celebrate the extraordinary charm of our feline friends. Flaunt your love for the quirky and unconventional with these eye-catching designs that showcase the mysterious allure of our whiskered companions. Step into a world of sartorial boldness and let your unique personality take center stage with these one-of-a-kind creations that effortlessly blend the bizarre and the beautiful. Whether you're a cat lover or simply drawn to the unusual, these shirts are sure to make a statement and let you express your individuality in the most delightfully offbeat way.

Find Your Furry Friend

  • I am feline good
  • Claw-some
  • Purr-fection
  • Cats just wanna have fun
  • Cat-itude is everything
  • Pawsitively amazing
  • Meow you doin'?
  • Check meowt
  • Stay pawsitive
  • Cats - not war
  • I woke up like this
  • Oh, paw-lease...
  • Don't stop the mewsic
  • Cats are my spirit animal
  • All you need is love...and a cat
  • Keep calm and purr on
  • Will purr for treats

Whether you're a seasoned witch, a curious newcomer to the craft, or simply someone who appreciates the whimsical charm of cats, our shirt collection is designed with you in mind. Explore our designs and let your inner wisdom shine through with a touch of humor and a dash of sass.